Who is it for?

If you've had enough of the same thing happening to you, no matter whether it's a circumstance, feeling, physical symptom, behaviour or pattern, Astrological Counselling offers you the insights and guidance to change it. 


As a parent I've found psychological astrology hugely beneficial to identify what is going on for my children when their behaviour changes without a stimulus from their environment.  Looking at their inner landscape using the chart I have learned to work out what's going for them and how best to support them through difficult times. Based on this experience I offer consultations for parents and children.

Children express their feelings through behaviour. Challenging behaviour means a child is not happy inside, but can't articulate it. The consultation will offer you insight into the inner world of your child and understand why it behaves the way it does. We will look at what you can do for your child to feel held, happy and empowered. 


I also work with couples who would like to explore difficulties in their relationship which keep them from expressing their love for each other.